09 March, 2015


What I'm wearing:

H&M Turtle Nech T-shirt 

ZARA Trousers 
ASOS Coat 
CLAIRE'S Bodychain

Hi guys. I apologise for not being able to update my blog. Deadlines and LFW has been all over my agenda. With almost everything handed in and London Fashion Week over I can now update you on how it went. This isn't going to be one of my random rants, but a little update on Fashion Week and my closet, lol - better late than never right! As you may already know this was my second time attending. It was so different this time around - I actually felt like I knew what was about to happen unlike last time where I was as confused as the word. I was fortunate enough to attend two shows, one by CSM graduate C.J. Yao and another by Fyodor Golan.

They were both so different but I really enjoyed them - they had such newness in their collections and I remember telling my friends that Fyodor Golan's collection was a proof that   fashion isn't all about black. It was so colourful on so many levels and what I liked the most was how they had worked with different fabrics and materials which I think was the "newness" I mentioned earlier. As much as I tried to properly plan my outfit this time, I failed once again. My newfound love for the normcore style is beginning to really show. I do need some colour in my closet, I won’t lie but I just find myself buying more grey and black than ever before. I do promise though, that that is going to be my next project. A colourful closet! By the way, I'm so sorry for such the pictures being such bad quality. 

I hope it was a good read! 
Until next time, 

Mell O. 


  1. Love the black and grey. The coat fits you so well! I would definitely wear the first runway outfit. I mean, look at all those colors!


    1. Thank you T! I know right - such lovely colours!

  2. You look beautiful and I love your outfit! How exciting that you attended two shows, they sound like they were amazing :)

    Rebecca Coco

  3. Love!!


  4. Wow, how gorgeous is that?? I love that jewelry detail!
    Love it!

    I would be sooo happy if we will follow each other and stay in touch, honey!
    xoxo Colli // tobeyoutiful

    1. Thank you so much hun, I'm now following you. Great blog! x

  5. Any fashion week is def. very busy and time consuming. When I attended my first fashion week myself I was so confused myself.



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