24 June, 2015


Hi guys,
I know it's been ages - university and work has been keeping me so busy, but I'm finally back on track and yes, I've missed blogging! I do, however, promise to blog more now that I just finished my first year of uni. Wow, this year went by so fast - I just had to pause for a moment and realise that. 

As I've been enjoying working and loving London's summer weather, I could not help but to keep updated on SS16 Menswear. Let me just say: I LOVE MENSWEAR! I do tend to hear: "Oh, but isn't menswear just the same things over and over again?" and I do get the point, but it really isn't. There's so much more to menswear, than just a suit and a tie. With that being said, Dolce & Gabbana is really doing well! I must admit that I'm not a big fan of D&G in general but I do love this collection! 

The Asian and Italian influences mixed together - wow, what a combination, right? Admittedly, it turned out so nicely with the kimonos, two pieces and even the espadrille looking shoes! Oh and the materials; silk, silk and more silk - I just love it! And let's not forget the tailoring! I especially love the details and elegance, which in many ways is typical D&G, but I just feel like they've upped their game a bit more. Or is it just me - what are your thoughts? 

I hope it was a good read!
Until next time, 
Mell O.