21 March, 2015


Hi guys. So, it’s been a while – my deadlines are over and I have been trying to relax, but I always find myself doing everything else but that. Anyway, as I was super busy under London Fashion Week, I wasn’t able to do an update on the shows I liked the most. Therefore, I thought why not do it now?
I fell in love with one particular designer’s fall 15 collection. What I admire the most about her is her ideas, which to be honest are quite different from most designers, however she is always able to create amazing pieces.  A designer who isn't afraid of colour, texture and alternative styles - yes that's the first things that pops in mind when I hear the name Mary Katrantzou.
The Central Saint Martins graduate Mary Katrantzou has done it again. With pink nuances and incredible prints, the Greek fashion designer left the crowd wanting more after seeing her fall 15 collection.
Using pink foam padding as a catwalk, Katrantzou took the audience into a new world. Known as the queen of digital print, Katrantzou started her career in London in 2005, where she graduated in Fashion at CSM. 

However, fashion wasn’t her starting point, as the Greek designer first moved to America to study architecture at the Rhode Island school of design, where she later on got transferred to CSM to complete her bachelors degree in textile design. Katrantzou’s architecture background is seen in a lot of her designs, as she is particularly interested in the way in which printed textiles are able to change the shape of a woman’s body: “Prints can be as definitive as a cut or a drape and allows a woman to filter beauty found in design in a subversive way.”
Playing around with prints and various effects, she has been and is still able to create a world of her own, which is also evident in her most recent collection.
 Mixing and matching different materials to create unique looks seems to be an easy task for Katrantzou as seen in the pictures about. Furthermore, the multitalented Katrantzou has collaborated with Topshop, Swarovski and most recently Adidas where she designed sportswear with her famous 3D like prints. Now if she isn’t a talented designer then I don’t who else is. What I adore the most about Katrantzou is her humbleness towards her work and everything else she decides to lay her hands one, which makes her one of my most favourite designers.
I hope it was a good read!
Until next time,
Mell O.  
Photo creds: here.

09 March, 2015


What I'm wearing:

H&M Turtle Nech T-shirt 

ZARA Trousers 
ASOS Coat 
CLAIRE'S Bodychain

Hi guys. I apologise for not being able to update my blog. Deadlines and LFW has been all over my agenda. With almost everything handed in and London Fashion Week over I can now update you on how it went. This isn't going to be one of my random rants, but a little update on Fashion Week and my closet, lol - better late than never right! As you may already know this was my second time attending. It was so different this time around - I actually felt like I knew what was about to happen unlike last time where I was as confused as the word. I was fortunate enough to attend two shows, one by CSM graduate C.J. Yao and another by Fyodor Golan.

They were both so different but I really enjoyed them - they had such newness in their collections and I remember telling my friends that Fyodor Golan's collection was a proof that   fashion isn't all about black. It was so colourful on so many levels and what I liked the most was how they had worked with different fabrics and materials which I think was the "newness" I mentioned earlier. As much as I tried to properly plan my outfit this time, I failed once again. My newfound love for the normcore style is beginning to really show. I do need some colour in my closet, I won’t lie but I just find myself buying more grey and black than ever before. I do promise though, that that is going to be my next project. A colourful closet! By the way, I'm so sorry for such the pictures being such bad quality. 

I hope it was a good read! 
Until next time, 

Mell O.